New PWA Themes with React, Redux & Semantic UI

New PWA Themes with React, Redux & Semantic UI

As part of our effort to launch Progressive Web Apps based on new technologies, we are rebuilding some of our themes with a new tech stack: ReactJS, Redux and Semantic UI.

Our Base, Mosaic and Folio apps were among the first launched and are part of the popular Freelancer bundle. The original versions are based on Sencha Touch and we felt that we could greatly improve their performance by rebuilding them in React.

Here is the full new tech stack:

We have a 85% code coverage rate with unit tests and we’re working on improving this rate.

We are also integrating the apps with the new WordPress REST API. This means the WordPress Mobile Pack PRO plugin’s backend will be upgraded to support namespaces and custom API routes. The new plugin version will be available for WordPress 4.8+ running on PHP 5.4 and above.

The Base-React, Mosaic-React and Folio-React PWAs are already in the alpha stage and will fully replace the Sencha apps by the end of the year. If you are already using one of the Sencha apps, your WordPress Mobile Pack PRO plugin will be automatically upgraded to use the React versions.

If you would like to have early access to the new apps, you can also pre-order them now at a discounted price.

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