Freelancer Bundle with Our Most Popular PWA Themes

Freelancer Bundle with Our Most Popular PWA Themes

We have created a Freelancer Bundle with our most popular Progressive Web Apps. This bundle includes 5 app themes and 3 license keys that can be used on any domain name.

Here are the PWA themes included in the new bundle:

All these PWAs are build with AngularJS and the Ionic Framework (1.x). If you would like to take a “behind the scenes” look at a JavaScript / CSS source, you can check the Obliq v2.0 PWA on Github.

The apps connect to the WordPress Mobile Pack PRO plugin’s API to retrieve content, such as posts, categories and pages. Inside the plugin you will find the bundled applications, meaning the production ready JavaScript & CSS code (already merged and minified).

If you would like to modify the Angular JS source code, you can use the Obliq PWA as a starter kit or purchase the code for any of the apps listed above.

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