We’re ending 2016 strong! Launched WPMobilePack.com and released WordPress Mobile Pack 2.2.7

We’re ending 2016 strong! Launched WPMobilePack.com and released WordPress Mobile Pack 2.2.7

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently launched WPMobilePack.com where we’re going to focus on helping small and medium businesses to grow and engage their mobile audience. We see WPMobilePack.com developing into a knowledge base for WordPress developers wanting to understand more about progressive web apps and start building their own apps on top of WordPress Mobile Pack.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Data shows that losing 80% of mobile app users is the norm: mobile intelligence startup Quettra put together some exclusive data/graphs on retention rates based on anonymized data points from over 125M mobile phones and showed that the average app loses 77% of its DAUs within the first 3 days after the install. Within 30 days, it’s lost 90% of DAUs. Within 90 days, it’s over 95%.

That being said, it’s easy to see how publishers end up with tens of thousands of dollars invested, months spent in developing and promoting the application, for a staggering 1% converted into mobile app users from their already existing Web traffic.

Time Spent on Apps Apps continue to dominate US time spent with mobile, says Flurry, reaching 90% of mobile minutes in June 2015, up from 86% share in Q2 2014. If, however, we take into consideration the fact that users spend more than 80% of their time on just 5 or so heavily used apps – most run by Facebook and Google – the situation changes completely.

As Eric Elliott puts it in one of his posts:

App store friction is a major obstacle. It takes about 6 clicks to install a native app, and with each click, you lose about 20% of your users. Deciding to install an app is a lot harder than deciding to use a web app.

That’s where progressive web apps come into play. Google’s own definition:

A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. They’re reliable, fast, and engaging” or “Progressive Web Applications take advantage of new technologies to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users.

Progressive web apps are not App Store residents! What we’re actually dealing with here are apps that run directly in the browser, without any App Stores being involved in the process. Some of the key features of progressive web apps are:

Apps load nearly instantly and are reliable, no matter what kind of network connection your user is on

Web app install banners give users the ability to quickly and seamlessly add your web app to their home screen, making it easy to launch and return to your app

Web push notifications makes it easy to re-engage with users by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications, even when the browser is closed

Smooth animations, scrolling, and navigations keep the experience silky smooth

Secured via HTTPS


We believe that WordPress – the most popular online publishing platform, currently powering more than 26% of the web, has the potential to change the face of the Web by embracing the progressive web apps way of thinking.

Solving the screen-size issue via responsive web design was just the first step. It’s time to “app-ify” the Web, to enhance those responsive themes with app-like features (see above) and through WPMobilePack.com we’re going to lay the foundation for other fellow developers to build progressive web apps and businesses to grow and engage their mobile users by offering rich mobile experiences on the Web.

We cannot do this alone, so we invite you to fork our GitHub repo, experiment and contribute back to the community. Here’s a list of current contributors.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.2.7

The new WPMP Free has just been released:

✓ Add opt-in for enabling mobile theme on tablets
✓ Optimize posts and pages featured images, use thumbnail if it exists
✓ Optimize pages loading, exclude pages that belong to an inactive parent page
✓ Fix display for images included in a div tag with fixed height
✓ Fix for bug that hides tiny-mce dropdown in post edit view


Enjoy the new WPMobilePack.com and here’s to a productive 2017!

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