Celebrating 1 Million WordPress Mobile Pack Downloads

Celebrating 1 Million WordPress Mobile Pack Downloads

Monday marked an important milestone: after 36 releases, approximatively 700 commits, over 150,000 lines of code and dozens of mobile app themes implemented (10,000 lines of code each), WordPress Mobile Pack has surpassed 1,000,000 downloads.

WP Mobile Pack has come a long way since its early days when it was just a simple mobile theme switcher, to version 2.0 (June 03, 2014) which represented the relaunch of the plugin to include support for rich mobile web applications and now, the 3.0 version that encompasses the latest advances in web technologies by adopting Progressive Web Application standards:

  • Progressive – Work for every user, regardless of browser choice because they’re built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.
  • Responsive – Fit any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet, or forms yet to emerge.
  • Connectivity independent – Service workers allow work offline, or on low-quality networks.
  • App-like – Feel like an app to the user with app-style interactions and navigation.
  • Fresh – Always up-to-date thanks to the service worker update process.
  • Safe – Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and ensure content hasn’t been tampered with.
  • Discoverable – Are identifiable as “applications” thanks to W3C manifests and service worker registration scope allowing search engines to find them.
  • Re-engageable – Make re-engagement easy through features like push notifications.
  • Installable – Allow users to “keep” apps they find most useful on their home screen without the hassle of an app store.
  • Linkable – Easily shared via a URL and do not require complex installation.

To celebrate the 1M downloads milestone we are running a flash promotion (20% OFF). That’s a significant saving that for some might mean a new app theme to help cater for your customers better, for others that might be that little push you need to try out one of our products for the first time. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


20% OFF our “FREELANCER” WordPress Mobile Pack Bundle

5 mobile app themes (Base, Mosaic, Obliq, Elevate, Folio)

3 domain licenses

12 Months Priority Support & Product Updates

Additionally, we have launched the 2.0 version of OBLIQ mobile app theme that has been completely rebuilt with the help of one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks out there: AngularJS/Ionic 1.

OBLIQ V2.0 is FREE, as was the V1.0, and it brings the following benefits:

  • Loading speed optimization: 3X faster than V1.0
  • Categories menu with “Load More” functionality
  • Overall improved mobile user interface and experience

Plenty of reasons to celebrate! 🎉 🙌 🎂

Thank you to all of our users, customers, and contributors for growing and shaping WP Mobile Pack. We’ve paved the road for future innovation and exploration to produce robust progressive web applications. If you want to further extend it, a great way to start is by going through our technical Documentation and GitHub public repository. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or you want to contribute to extending WP Mobile Pack.

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