Big changes ahead: WordPress Design Trends 2018

Big changes ahead: WordPress Design Trends 2018

Forget about the past, it’s time to focus on the future! This statement should be generally available, but also when it comes to the newest WordPress design trends.

The world’s most popular content managing system is growing strong and more and more websites are being based on it. And I’m talking about some top-notch sites, used by reputable brands. Still, a new year automatically means a refresh, especially in terms of design.

Today we’re going to talk about both technological and design trends which will have a word to say in the upcoming months. And it’s highly recommended to be aware of this, no matter if you want to build your first website on WordPress or already have one and are looking forward to giving it a new look.

You will probably observe that some of them are just…updated trends since they are continuations of those which dominated 2017, while some of them are actually new. Combined, these will dictate the way WordPress sites will look in 2018.

Ok, it’s settled. Let’s get cracking!

Vivid colors all over the place

It was scientifically proven that colors can have a big impact on the way a website is perceived and they should be carefully chosen when designing a website. However, things can change a bit this year.

One of the most popular WordPress design trends will be the use of daring, vivid color palettes. A lot of brands are already doing this and more of them will follow the example.

Sure, this doesn’t mean that you should opt for the craziest things out there. Everything must be complementary and match perfectly, in order to be eye candy, but go a bit wild. Opt for some purple, some neon green, orange, pink! Find that perfect blend and throw it on your website. You will barely go unnoticed.

No more boring typography

Forget about those standard fonts, that came by default, as they will soon be history as well. Another one of the WordPress design trends we’re expecting to rise in 2018 is stand-out typography.

Obviously, traditional fonts in the main body will remain the number one choice, since nobody wants to make their content impossible to read, but header text will definitely go wild. Combine this with the vivid color combinations we were talking about a few moments ago and you will definitely have a landing page able to stand out with ease.

Just make sure everything is still readable. I’ve seen some pages trying to do something as wild as this in the past and they ended up with some headers I could barely understand…

Hand-drawn graphics elements, for a warmer feeling

You do want to make your visitors feel comfortable while visiting your website, right? In this case, you can try adding a personal note, with some hand-drawn graphics.

This will definitely bring your site to life and give visitors of what you’re capable of, not to mention that they will feel your personal implication in designing your website.

Minimalism, minimalism everywhere

Nobody likes a ton of design elements stuck in a small place. It just doesn’t look good. Over the past years, there was a tendency among designers to remove useless visual elements and stick just to what’s essential.

One of the WordPress design trends which will have a serious impact on websites will be minimalism. Over the next months, expect to see more and more websites transforming into portals focusing on readability and usability.

Parallax scrolling, a fine detail

You can forget about single, unresponsive pages, since people – apparently – prefer a one-page design, with responsive features. As for parallax, it gives the feature of depth and creates an interactive aspect for a website.

Expect to see designers asking for this feature for WordPress websites in 2018 and developers doing their best in order to implement it. And we can totally understand this since it’s a really nice visual effect.

Video headers everywhere!

You’re seeing videos everywhere on social media, so you shouldn’t be surprised to start seeing them on websites as well. One of the most popular WordPress design trends, which will dominate 2018, will be the presence of video headers in websites.

Currently, there are several themes which allow including video headers easily and we’re expecting their number to increase. And expect to see an increased on-page time if you decide to implement this feature as well, especially if you opt for some catchy visuals.

Push notifications almost on every site

Calling push notifications as a design element is a bit forced, but hey, it’s part of a lot of websites and we should expect this number to grow in the upcoming months.

Technically speaking, we’re talking about an extremely important marketing channel, since, through notifications, webmasters make sure that past visitors know¬†when something new was posted and try to get them back on the site.

A shot at virtual reality?

Virtual reality is currently taking the world by storm and we’re looking forward to seeing integrated into WordPress-based websites. Of course, you shouldn’t expect totally immersive experiences hidden somewhere in the page, but a couple of awesome gimmicks, showing the potential of the platform.

Currently, there are already a few plugins available, able to display 360 photos and videos on WordPress sites, but their number will significantly grow. This is one of the design trends on which you should keep an eye since you might be missing a lot of opportunities to attract new visitors!

A whole new WordPress!

Finally, let’s not forget about the WordPress platform itself. According to its official development cycle page, we’re going to see version 5.0 being released this year, with a completely new look.

Specifically, we’re expecting a brand new editor, significant improvements to the Admin UI, a new writing editor and a much-needed shift toward SaaS.

And this wraps up our list with some of the most expected WordPress design trends for 2018. Which are those you are the most curious about? Let us know your thoughts, using the comments section below!

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