What is WordPress Mobile Pack?

WordPress Mobile Pack is a mobile plugin that helps you transform your WordPress-based content into a progressive web application. It comes with multiple mobile app themes and extensions that you can purchase individually or as a bundle. You can find the FREE version of WordPress Mobile Pack on WordPress.org repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/.

Getting started with WordPress Mobile Pack PRO

App Customization in WordPress Mobile Pack PRO

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WordPress Mobile Pack is proudly developed and maintained by the Appticles.com team. We've also been fortunate to receive help from the other contributing authors, especially with translations: Diogo Desiderati (Portuguese), Fabiola Sguassero, Emmanuel Andriulo (Italian), Bernhard Steinbichler (German), Péter Ágoston (Hungarian), Sandra Gorgan (Romanian), Agnieszka Bugajska (Polish), Mathias Wideroth (Swedish), Miru Yamashiro (Japanese), Na LI (Chinese), John Haverkate (Dutch). If you want to get involved in developing WordPress Mobile Pack or simply have suggestions for improvement, please get in touch.

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